Why property managers turn to CORE & Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Gold-Coast-Property-ManagementManaging a long list of single family homes and apartment buildings is no easy task for property managers. There are many short-term and long-term renters to attend to, special circumstances for individual properties, and available units that need to be rented.  In order to keep track of so many details, customer relationship management (CRM) solutions, like CORE Real Estate Software & Microsoft Dynamics® CRM, are becoming a popular business management solution for property managers.

It can be challenging to maintain consistent records for each property, property manager, and tenant, as well as whether properties need inspections, updates, or repairs.  Separate spreadsheets maintained by separate property managers simply blur data even further.  A powerful CRM solution, like CORE, can manage all of these important details, as well as provide visibility into business activities which you can then use to position your business for growth.

CORE Real Estate Software can streamline your activities by adding automation:

  • Workflows automatically push through common tasks – like lease approvals.
  • One of your managers can initiate a lease agreement which ignites the workflow process.
  • Tasks with milestone dates and easy links for approvals or electronic signatures can be automatically sent out to the team.
  • You can approve lease language, trigger inspections or move-in dates, or create other important touch-points to make sure that a new project is progressing as quickly and efficiently as possible.
  • The business intelligence features can provide insight into customer preferences and regional differences.
  • You can customize your dashboard to include illustrative graphs and other ways to monitor key metrics.
  • Easily monitor real-time information about properties by geographical area, those properties monitored by the same manager, and even financial data. Leverage this data to determine the best cities to make acquisitions or the regions to avoid.

Property management usually involves a lot of people and a lot of data. Get everyone on the same page and put all of your business data at your fingertips by using a single, comprehensive CRM solution like CORE & Microsoft Dynamics CRM. You can streamline activities and gain greater visibility throughout your business with the right CRM solution.

Contact us for more information about the benefits of using CORE Real Estate Software to control your property management activities.


CORE Decor Suite Configurator

DECOR - realThis month we would like to feature our CORE décor suite configurator.

This is a detailed and state of the art suite configurator, where home buyers can easily and intuitively choose their condo’s options and finishes.

Functionality Highlights:

  • State of the art online suite décor configurator
  • Includes photographs of option choices
  • Support for multiple décor versions
  • Support for décor change orders
  • Integration with suite price and agreements
  • Updates work orders and quotes in real time
  • Core Decor configurator powered by Experlogix for Dynamics CRM

Holding On for Next Generation Hardware

Intels-4th-generation-Haswell-processor-to-make-formal-debut-at-Computex-June-3rd“In approximately 3,337,200,000,000,000 nanoseconds, Intel will reveal all there is to know about the 4th generation Intel Core processor family,” Intel announced on April 26. That got our attention because our staff are delaying the acquisition of tablets, ultra books and laptops for devices that will use the “Haswell” chip as it is known. These devices will offer dramatically better battery life, displays that are greatly superior to what is currently available, faster wake from sleep times and vital connected standby features.

The wait is a challenge for some staff, but given how deeply the new device chipsets are integrated with Windows 8, it is clear that this is one of those things in life worth waiting for. CORE plans to be able to place orders for our employees in July or August.

Availability Grid View for Condominium Development

Available Grid View

Core Real Estate Software has many useful modules and features, but one of the most popular features we hear from our condominium development customers is our Grid Availability View. Along with this view, our sales module allows you to:

•Centrally track all purchaser sales activities including email, phone calls, meetings and more
•Monitor all sales and broker opportunities.
•Track multiple purchasers on each unit.
•Track purchaser relationships with agents, brokers and lawyers.

The Availability Grid View shows unit view by floor to visually track suite sales status and pricing. For more information on this helpful feature, contact us.

Behind the Scences – Microsoft Surface Pro Commercial

Since the last Microsoft Surface commercial got people talking, they have now taken their musically inspired commercials to the next level. The surface’s new commercial is set in an office environment and stars all L.A’s hottest dancers including Twitch and Allison Holker from So You Think You Can Dance. Take a look behind the scenes and keep an eye out for this new commercial!

5 Steps to Choosing the Right Property Management Software Solution

Property Managament Property Management can be complicated and problematic whether you have a large number of properties on your portfolio or just one or two. The good news is that by investing in a good Property management software solution, you can take a lot of the stress out of renting out your properties and help you save money in the long term. Here are our 5 steps that will help you choose the right property management software:

  1. Draw yourself up a property management software checklist to help identify your requirements. Consider such essentials as reducing costs, overseeing maintenance schedules, handling contractors’ performances, calculating recoverable expenses, tracking deals and managing complex leases.
  2. Choose your property management software wisely. Compare product specifications with your identified business needs and seek out endorsements from happy customers. A reputable company, like Microsoft, is always your safest bet.
  3. Choose a provider with a track record. At CORE Real Estate Software we are Microsoft Gold Certified Partners and our property management software solutions span a wide range of applications (commercial, industrial, retail, student housing and long term care). With over 20 years experience, we have you covered.
  4. The best property management software boasts a range of features, including lease management where lease renewal notifications are automated to proactively retain tenants on the most favourable terms; maintenance scheduling, where schedules and contractors are tightly managed to minimize surprise costs; and operating income forecasts, where project lease revenues and operating expenses are accurately predicted for terms of up to 24 months out.
  5. Remember the value of integration. A smart software solution eliminates the inefficiencies of multiple computing platforms, incompatible software and redundant processes. True property management efficiency can only be realized with a property management software solution that smartly integrates multiple avenues of functionality.

For more information on CORE Real Estate Software or for help on what property management solution may be best for you, please contact us.

Springfest 2013

imageOn April 18, CORE Real Estate Software exhibited at the Springfest property management show.

Springfest is a one-day event for building owners, property managers, facility managers, and others responsible for building maintenance and facility operations that is held annually at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. This year Springfest returned for the 19th year in a row. The event featured 18 free educational seminars, speakers, discussion panels and over 200 exhibitors, including CORE Real Estate Software.

We had a great turnout at the event and met numerous property managers and condominium developers who were interested in our end-to-end software solution. Our consulting team will be quite busy next week with a lot of following up!

Hello condominium developers and property owners!

Welcome to Core Real Estate Software!

We are here to help condominium developers and property managers improve their lives and business success by leveraging the functionality, business intelligence and technology synergies available from Microsoft Dynamics and the integration with the Microsoft tools and services platform.