5 Steps to Choosing the Right Property Management Software Solution

Property Managament Property Management can be complicated and problematic whether you have a large number of properties on your portfolio or just one or two. The good news is that by investing in a good Property management software solution, you can take a lot of the stress out of renting out your properties and help you save money in the long term. Here are our 5 steps that will help you choose the right property management software:

  1. Draw yourself up a property management software checklist to help identify your requirements. Consider such essentials as reducing costs, overseeing maintenance schedules, handling contractors’ performances, calculating recoverable expenses, tracking deals and managing complex leases.
  2. Choose your property management software wisely. Compare product specifications with your identified business needs and seek out endorsements from happy customers. A reputable company, like Microsoft, is always your safest bet.
  3. Choose a provider with a track record. At CORE Real Estate Software we are Microsoft Gold Certified Partners and our property management software solutions span a wide range of applications (commercial, industrial, retail, student housing and long term care). With over 20 years experience, we have you covered.
  4. The best property management software boasts a range of features, including lease management where lease renewal notifications are automated to proactively retain tenants on the most favourable terms; maintenance scheduling, where schedules and contractors are tightly managed to minimize surprise costs; and operating income forecasts, where project lease revenues and operating expenses are accurately predicted for terms of up to 24 months out.
  5. Remember the value of integration. A smart software solution eliminates the inefficiencies of multiple computing platforms, incompatible software and redundant processes. True property management efficiency can only be realized with a property management software solution that smartly integrates multiple avenues of functionality.

For more information on CORE Real Estate Software or for help on what property management solution may be best for you, please contact us.