Our Engagement Process

For any organization, successfully implementing a new business software platform is one of the most important projects it will ever undertake. A well thought out implementation will take less resources and be significantly easier on staff and customers. If done right, it will quickly translate to higher sales, better cash flow, and increased profit. To minimize risk, control costs, and guarantee clients get the most out of their investment, we follow the Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step deployment process from beginning to end.

Establishing Fit

We start every new relationship with a free consultation with one of our experienced CORE Real Estate Software specialists. In this step, we learn about your business so that we can be sure that CORE will support your vision.

Live Walk-through

Next, we walk your key staff members through CORE Real Estate Software with an expert presentation that is personalized to address your main areas of concern.

Determine Fit and Identify Gaps

Based on our first meetings and conversations, we should be in a position to assess how well CORE might fit your needs, and how much effort it will take to get you where you want to go.

Managed Trial (Optional)

Some organizations need to get comfortable by working “hands-on” with the software. We offer managed trials so you can learn about CORE first hand. To avoid inefficiently stumbling through on your own, we require that one of our consultants guide you through the capabilities of CORE at your own pace.

Workflow Workshop (Optional)

Agreement from internal stakeholders on how you want your business to work is essential for a successful transition to field service automation. We offer business process workshops to help you streamline your organization based on experience and what we have seen to be the best practices from other successful customer roll outs.

Implementation Proposal

Once we determine that CORE Real Estate Software is right for you, we collaboratively derive an implementation proposal that meets your cost and timeline requirements, and more importantly, what we can both be successful with.