CORE Real Estate Software clients are able to make customer specific modifications to their solution. Editable entities include leads, opportunities, accounts, contacts, leases, maintenance contracts, projects, tenant cases and more.

Data Import

Implementing CORE Real Estate Software is the perfect time to clean up your data structure and rid your system of records you will never use. We provide you with Excel spreadsheet templates that are ideal to clean up your data and start fresh with clean data that you can import into CORE.

Configure Views, Charts and Dashboards

After the data in in the system, we configure the views, charts and dashboards people will use to do their job.

Mobility Configuration

Mobile devices are completely configurable. Based on your roll out plan and security model and the devices type, we configure your mobile users to get connected to the system.

SharePoint and Outlook Client Configuration

Both SharePoint and Outlook are tightly integrated to Dynamics CRM and are configurable by user role. Outlook synchronization can be specific to each user so we spend time making sure that each user has access to the documents and CORE functionality you want them to have in Outlook.