Deployment Planning

Ensuring A Successful Implementation Project

Deploying CORE Real Estate Software requires a number of preparation activities that are coordinated by a project manager who is specifically assigned to your implementation.

Requirements and Process Review (Required)

First we learn about your business objectives for implementing a new system. We review your internal processes to see if you are an out of the box fit for CORE Real Estate Software, or if you need to approach a system change in a more structured way.

Fit Gap and Solution Blueprint (Optional)

For Property Managers or Developers who have specialized operations or who work in non conventional ways, we next match the CORE Real Estate Software key features against the changes you will need for in the windows, fields, automation, forms, reports, and dashboard views.

Head Office, Remote Office and Mobile User Access and Security Planning (Required)

We work with you to organize who your users are, their roles and the security you want them to have. CORE has a range of mobile user options, from simple manager time entry to extensive on site maintenance log production. We work with you to determine the best solution for you, your staff and your customers.

Integration Planning (Optional)

CORE Real Estate Software can be integrated into other Microsoft products, such as Microsoft SharePoint for document management, Microsoft Outlook for guaranteed user adoption, your web site for better customer connections, and your accounting system for streamlined financial management. Each integration requires scoping and planning so the CORE application and development experts can deliver them to your exact requirements.

Infrastructure Architecture Assessment and Design (Required)

Whether you choose to deploy Dynamics CRM Online, in a data centre, or on your own servers, our infrastructure experts work with your IT resources to determine the optimal infrastructure setup for your specific business situation.

Licensing Optimization (Recommended)

CORE Real Estate Software works best when properly combined with other Microsoft software offerings. We will analyze how you licence software and recommend a configuration that gives you the best value for your size and business needs.

Data Migration Planning (Required)

Deploying CORE Real Estate Software is a chance to clean up your data so the reporting you get is exactly what you need to run your business better. We provide you with data import templates early in our process, you you can thinking about getting your data ready for import into CORE.

Training Plan (Required)

People learn in different ways. Some take to the software through structured classroom workbook lessons while others prefer an on site coaching and guiding approach. We will work through your user roster to determine the most practical way for them to get the most utility out of their software.