Tenant Management

Your customers and tenants know more than ever before—making buying decisions before you can even engage. Your sales team must adapt to the new customer journey. With CORE Real Estate Software, you will be enable you to zero in, win faster, and sell more.

Increase Your Sales Pipeline

Sales Opp dashboardUpon qualification of a prospective tenant, sales persons can with one click, convert the lead into a new account, contact and opportunity record. Continue with our best practices sales process to further quantify and evaluate the potential opportunity that automatically creates a sales pipeline based on what stage the opportunity is in the sales cycle and the percentage likelihood it is expected to close.

Quotes and quote revisions can be created with one click and to streamline document turnaround, we make extensive use of integrated Microsoft Word merge and automatic email response templates that are combined with SharePoint document management with revision capabilities to track your quote through all the stages of your customer process.

Track & Record Prospective Tenant Activity

OpportunityWith CORE Real Estate Software, you can track which tenants have seen which property or unit and make notes on the viewings so you don’t have to remember every detail and that way other managers can log in and see as well.



Track Important Tenant Details

Property manager dashProcess tenant activities from initial contact to move-out and even track which units prospective tenants have seen. Collect rent on time with reminders and tenant notifications and track rent or property violations for each tenant.


Track Opportunities in Outlook

Elevator Opportunity in OutlookYou can create a new opportunity in Microsoft Outlook to monitor an inquiry from your existing customer, or convert a qualified lead into an opportunity. CORE Real Estate Software is completely integrated with Outlook, so whatever changes you make in Outlook will automatically change in CORE. Salespeople often use opportunities to keep track of the details of the contracts and leases they are currently working on.

Social Integration to Build Your Network and Deepen Relationships

microsoft_social_listening_screenshotGive your sales team unprecedented social data for lead generation and relationship management. Make every customer conversation more relevant, valuable, and productive.



Sell as a Team to Deliver Results

BP8Set and monitor group quotas and goals so that your sales departments work together effectively across teams, geographies, and work groups. Teams take advantage of activity feeds that show in one central place all the activities performed by the organization related to any particular opportunity.


Record Leads and Opportunities on Your Phone or Tablet

triple logosSellers are always on the go. The CORE Real Estate Software mobile experience allows you to see everything you need, no matter where you are or what device you use.